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Wedding picture, related to Mansour family

The 1926 wedding of Audi Mansure Muhaweha and Najla Elias Audi Debeeney. There is an obvious blending of a peasant and city nackground. Pictured are standing: Said Shaheen, Jiries Mansure, Azeez Shaheen, Ellen Audi, Nabiha Audi, Nikmeh Salamy Audi (Already a widow at eighteen) Bahia Salah (the mother of Nabeel Ajlouny) Aniseh Audi and the little boy standing, Azezz Audi. Seated: Ne’meh Salamy Shaheen (the mother of Azezz Shaheen) Khadra Mansur, Mansur Audi Audi Muhaweha, Jamileh Audi, Audi Mansure, Najla Audi, Emily Audi, Elias Audi.
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